PAMA Notes - January 2018

Deadline for Abstract Submission for
Lifecycle of the Performing Artist
is February 1, 2018

Call for Abstracts

Deadline - February 1, 2018 (midnight)

You are invited to submit an abstract on topics that include a broad spectrum of research and practice relating to Performing Arts Medicine including various topics associated with the lifecycle of the performing artist. Participants selected by the program committee will have the opportunity to present and share their research to contribute to the conference objectives.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically by midnight on February 1, 2018

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USF-PAMA Collaborative and the Performing Arts Medicine Association
Third USF-PAMA Southeast Regional Conference
Lifecycle of the Performing Artist

June 1-3, 2018

USF School of Music Barness Recital Hall

The third USF-PAMA Conference is focused on research and education of healthy practice and longevity of performing artists’ life cycle. Its scope extends to intersecting arts, medicine, ethics, and medical humanities.

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Third USF-PAMA-The Music Gallery
Piano Pedagogy Symposium
Longevity Through Awareness of Touch and Tone

June 3-5, 2018

Barness Recital Hall & USF School of Music

Third USF-PAMA-The Music Gallery Piano Pedagogy Symposium is focused on the awareness of the body, touch and tone, coordinated techniques, mind-body connection, and longevity in learning, teaching and playing the piano. The Symposium presents masterclasses, chamber music  coaching, jazz piano, flow in music making, and musician-tailored yoga.

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36th Annual PAMA International Symposium

Glamor and Grit: Building an Entourage for Health


Saturday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Chapman University, Orange, California, USA

The theme for our 2018 symposium is oriented around combining all the facets that facilitate improved health support in the arts, to ensure that performing artists' needs are addressed from all angles. These include:

  • Health education in performing arts training (physical and psychological)
  • Access to appropriate health care
  • Training & educating Performing Arts Medicine specialists to meet the needs of this population
  • Addressing the cultural biases that perpetuate unhealthy habits/ practices in the arts
  • Creating safe working environments for performers

Target Audience

The PAMA symposium is designed to meet the research and practice needs of physicians, therapists, athletic trainers, educators, artistic directors, and other health care and performing arts professionals who seek to improve the well-being of performing artists.

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Registration and Fees

Join us for the Pre-conference Certificate Course
Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine
In conjunction with ACSM
June 28 - 29, 2018 (Thursday - Friday)

Chapman University: Orange, Orange County, California

Extend your learning – Attend our 2-day pre-conference certificate course for practicing health professionals, performing artists, and arts educators.

The Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine is a two-day multidisciplinary enrichment course offered by the PAMA Education Committee. Designed to match the professional interests and career goals of both clinicians and educators in performing arts medicine, this course provides specific education and techniques for engagement, assessment, prevention, and treatment of various performing arts-specific health concerns. Collectively on day 1, participants will hear introductory and research-informed lectures on health problems that are unique to performing artists including associated health risk factors, issues across the life-span, and the interactive, cultural, and contextual characteristics of health problems that are unique to performing artists. On day 2, participants will attend either the health professional or the performing arts stream for more detailed and targeted education and practical sessions related to providing and promoting optimal health for performing artists.

Certificate Exam

At the completion of the pre-conference course, all participants will have the option of taking an exam tailored to their area of specialization (medicine, allied health, voice, dance, instrumental music).  If a passing grade is attained, they will be given a certificate of completion. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your practice skills.

  • Physician exam (physician exam open to any licensed medical doctor, including US trained DO’s with a current license to practice)
  • Allied health exam (open to athletic trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, licensed massage therapists, manual osteopathic practitioners [including non-US trained osteopaths], acupuncturists, and others as approved)
  • Arts educator exam (voice, dance, or instrumental music)

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International Conference on Performing Arts Medicine (ICPAM2018)

Thursday 29th - Saturday 31st March 2018 The Hague, The Netherlands
“State of the Art in Performing Arts Medicine”


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The goal of ICPAM2018 is to share state of the art medical scientific knowledge on the topics of dance, music, voice, hearing and mind.

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PAMA is an organization comprised of professionals and students in healthcare, education, performance training, administration, and a range of performing arts. The common goal is to improve the well-being of performing artists. Members join from around the world and many are involved in research projects.

Member benefits include:

  • a subscription to the peer-reviewed journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists
  • listing (optional) in our database open to the public who seek a patient referral or resource
  • discounted fee for the Annual Symposium or regional seminars
  • members-only networking opportunities with others in your field
  • opportunity to participate in active committees including the new young professionals group
  • mentorship opportunities (for both mentors and mentees) for PAM career development

Membership Levels:

  • Physicians (MD, DO), Chiropractors, Dentists - $250.00
  • Allied Healthcare: therapy, rehabilitation, body fitness/care - $195.00
  • Performing Arts: education, research, training, performance - $175.00
  • Full-Time Students and Residents at Accredited Programs - $65.00

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The Performing Arts Medicine Association is committed to:

  • Promoting the highest quality of care to all performing artists and bringing to that care an appreciation of the special needs of performing artists.
  • Developing educational programs designed to enhance the understanding and prevention of medical problems related to the performing arts.
  • Promoting communication among all those involved in the health care and well being of performing artists.
  • Fostering research into the etiology, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical problems of performing artists.

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To Your Health
Articles Wanted

Are you interested in being published in a magazine? International Musician magazine is accepting submissions for their wellness feature "To Your Health".

International Musician magazine is the official monthly publication of the American Federation of Musicians, serving 80,000 professional musicians in the United States and Canada. The readers of the International Musician are professional musicians working in all genres of music. They run the gamut from classical to country and from polka to punk. They tour and record. They play in clubs and in symphonies.
If you are a PAMA Member, please consider submitting an article. To Your Health articles should be around 650 words and written directly to the layman musician, who is not a health expert. The article should offer direct, helpful tips and advice, and not just information about various health conditions. All articles are subject to approval and editing from the editors.

Send your article to Dorry Allen at to be considered. You will be notified via email if your article has been accepted. Please note that the Research Committee will only review submissions received from currently active PAMA members in good standing with the organization.

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