PAMA Notes - December 2017

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PAMA is an organization comprised of professionals and students in healthcare, education, performance training, administration, and a range of performing arts. The common goal is to improve the well-being of performing artists. Members join from around the world and many are involved in research projects.

Member benefits include:

  • a subscription to the peer-reviewed journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists
  • listing (optional) in our database open to the public who seek a patient referral or resource
  • discounted fee for the Annual Symposium or regional seminars
  • members-only networking opportunities with others in your field
  • opportunity to participate in active committees including the new young professionals group
  • mentorship opportunities (for both mentors and mentees) for PAM career development

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Membership Levels:

  • Physicians (MD, DO), Chiropractors, Dentists - $250.00
  • Allied Healthcare: therapy, rehabilitation, body fitness/care - $195.00
  • Performing Arts: education, research, training, performance - $175.00
  • Full-Time Students and Residents at Accredited Programs - $65.00

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The Performing Arts Medicine Association is committed to:

  • Promoting the highest quality of care to all performing artists and bringing to that care an appreciation of the special needs of performing artists.
  • Developing educational programs designed to enhance the understanding and prevention of medical problems related to the performing arts.
  • Promoting communication among all those involved in the health care and well being of performing artists.
  • Fostering research into the etiology, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical problems of performing artists.

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Save the Date

36th Annual PAMA International Symposium

Glamor and Grit: Building an Entourage for Health


Saturday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Chapman University, Orange, California, USA

Visit our Symposium page for the latest information Symposium Main Page

Learn more about the 2018 symposium:
  Venue Information
  Hotel Information
  Transportation Information


Richard Lederman Awarded a PAMA Lifetime Membership

Congratulations to Richard Lederman who was awarded a PAMA Lifetime Membership to honor his part as a co-Founder in the Legacy of PAMA and his ongoing contributions.


Your PAMA Committees at Work

Committee Report Summary  - November 30, 2017

Development Committee

Kathleen Riley

  1. The Board approved a designated fund (bank account) that will be dedicated to meet the parameters for which the funds were raised and that the board could review, approve and then implement.
  2. The Board approved the creation of a Founders’ Legacy Fund.
  3. The Board approved that the funds be used for the following:
    • Keeping Alice’s name attached to the research award (AGB Award)
    • Serving as a source of support of a travel “fellowship” for a student or resident to attend the annual meeting (MB Scholarship)
    • Support for the annual lectureship currently in Dick’s name (Lederman Lecture)
  4. Membership Committee will work with By-Laws Committee. Action Plan: Add the Founders’ Legacy Fund to P&P to include this item as well as update criteria and selection process for the AGB award, MB Scholarship, and Lederman Lecture.
  5. The Board will consider different options for sustainability of the fund.

Education Committee

Chair: Christine Guptill (University of Alberta)
Co-Chair, Rose Schmieg (Shenandoah University)
Co-Chair, Pre-conference: Bronwen Ackermann (University of Sydney)

Education Coordinator, Nathalie Reid

  1. The Education Committee continues to explore the feasibility of online CEU/CME quizzes in the journal MPPA. This spring we will be looking at how ATs, OTs, PTs, and MDs offer credits in other journals as models.
  2. Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine Pre-conference course 2018 Education Coordinator, Nathalie Reid, has been focusing her efforts in the following three areas:
    • Establishing and communicating with exam writing groups;
    • Securing and communicating with new and returning presenters;
    • Writing new course summaries for promotional material


Executive Committee

Marc Brodsky, Ralph Manchester, Nancy Kadel, John Chong, Clay Miller
PAMAengage! is participation of the growing membership in PAMA and includes the following:

  • All members have a voice in the organization and receive recognition for their PAMA-related activities. Members are taking the opportunity to be creative forces in the organization through PAMA Notes, the Committees, and Regional Meetings.
  • We honor the legacy of PAMA and our founders as a source of identity and pride of our organization.


Liaison Committees

Athletes and the Arts
Randy Dick, PAMA Liaison

  • Videos of AATA Ambassadors (Jon Batiste, Kathryn Morgan, and Amy Yakima) are being created and will be available on the AATA website
  • Development is underway for a one-page fact sheet on podiatric health in dance and music.
  • A strategic plan is being created to focus on specific issues. This committee will also assess the value of adding and maintaining a Facebook page relative to other efforts.

College Music Society
Gail Berenson, PAMA Liaison

  • Quite a few PAMA members have offered 30-minute webinars in the continuing Wellness Webinar Series – a total of eight webinars have been produced so far. The CMS Committee on Musicians’ Health is programming an additional six wellness webinars for fall 2017 and spring 2018.  Click here to go to webinars

International Society for Music Education: Musicians' Health and Wellness Special Interest Group
Gail Berenson, PAMA Liaison

Music Teachers National Association
Gail Berenson, PAMA/MTNA Liaison

  • MTNA is offering a wellness track within Pedagogy Saturday 2018, the pre-conference event held one day prior to the MTNA National Conference on March 17, 2018.   A number of PAMA members will be presenting include.  
  • MTNA has published a wellness series in its journal, The American Music Teacher.  This year’s authors are all PAMA members.

NASM is in the process of reviewing the psychology papers sent over a year ago.  NASM plan is to review these then condense them down into something they want to publish to their constituency and then point them back to us for further information or for more depth.  They will be done reviewing after the first of the year.

Long Range Planning Committee

Chair, Ralph Manchester

  • The committee is considering possible sites for the 2020 Symposium (in alphabetical order)  – Banff, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Snowmass, Tampa, Texas, or Washington, D.C.
  • Other topics in discussion are return visits to Snowmass (if at all), minimum requirements for a meeting sites, and the advantages and disadvantages of joint meetings with relevant organizations.

Membership Committee

Chair, Jason Hu

  • The Membership Committee has recommended to the Board to offer a discount to retired seniors in good standing to honor their part in the legacy of PAMA and their contributions in the future.  The Committee has benchmarked other organizations and is working with the Board to learn the financial impact on the organization with different options.

Research Committee

Chair, Esther Nolton
Vice-Chair, Christine Guptill

  • The PAMA RC would like to thank all who made timely abstract submissions for the 2018 symposium to be held at Chapman University. We look forward to continuing this process for the 2019 symposium. Don't forget that abstracts will be due by October 15th, 2018!
  • The RC is in the process of working on developing great activities to promote research mentorship and education during the 2018 symposium. There will be a 90-minute workshop and also other opportunities to have one-on-one mentorship with an RC member. Look out for a link to sign up for these opportunities (at no extra cost from symposium registration) in the next PAMA Notes!
  • Please feel free to submit ideas for research education themes that you would like us to cover at future PAMA RC workshops to

Symposium 2018 Planning Committee

Program Chairs: Robin Kish, Jennie Morton

  • All abstracts have now been reviewed, determinations have been made on acceptances/ refusals, and invitations to present have been sent.
  • Invitations have been extended to potential keynote speakers.
  • Submissions from students for poster presentations will be considered after January 1, 2018 for inclusion in the special student presentation area.
  • A marketing consultant (who has offered her services pro bono) will launch a social media advertising campaign to draw attendees to the event. The first phase is anticipated to be launched just prior to the opening of registration.

    A new iBook by members Jennie Morton and Robin Kish titled "The Embodied Dancer: A Guide to Optimal Performance"  launched early this month. Take a look by clicking this link.

    Brought to us by member Bethany Bultman - The New Orleans Musicians Clinic's mission is featured in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of the HEALTHCARE JOURNAL of New Orleans: "Keeping the Music Alive" by Zara Zemmels. Click here to take a look at this great article!


    Member Nadia Azar's research with rock drummers was featured on CBC radio shows across Canada past week. She interviewed with 16 CBC stations across the country.  Click here for a link to the online article

    Marc Brodsky and a Jazz drummer authored the To Your Health feature article entitled “Drug-Free Way to a Pain-Free Back” in the December issue of International Musician.

    PAMA Members - Let us know your PAM-related activities to share with the Membership to facilitate networking.  We will be making announcements in each newsletter. Send your information to Dorry Allen at

    PAMA Coverage

    An article about PAMA and the 2017 symposium in Snowmass, Colorado is posted on Thank you to Catherine Tully for covering the symposium. Click here to read the article.

    €1.6 Million Grant Awarded to Launch PEARL

    Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) has been granted €1.6 million to establish the Performing Artist and Athlete Research Lab (PEARL). The financial aid comes from the National Directorate Practice-oriented Research (SIA), part of the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

    PEARL will be the first research centre in the world linking performing arts, sports, education and science. The aim of PEARL is to prevent health problems in performing artists and athletes and optimize their health. This will ultimately result in better performances of artists and athletes and reducing the number of injuries.

    Click here for more information.

    Upcoming PAM Events

    Art in Motion Symposium 2018
    June 8-9, 2018
    Sponsored by: University of the Arts Munich
    Munich, Germany
    For more information:
    Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell

    To Your Health

    Articles Wanted

    Are you interested in being published in a magazine? International Musician magazine is accepting submissions for their wellness feature "To Your Health".

    International Musician magazine is the official monthly publication of the American Federation of Musicians, serving 80,000 professional musicians in the United States and Canada. The readers of the International Musician are professional musicians working in all genres of music. They run the gamut from classical to country and from polka to punk. They tour and record. They play in clubs and in symphonies.
    If you are a PAMA Member, please consider submitting an article. To Your Health articles should be around 650 words and written directly to the layman musician, who is not a health expert. The article should offer direct, helpful tips and advice, and not just information about various health conditions. All articles are subject to approval and editing from the editors.

    Send your article to Dorry Allen at to be considered. You will be notified via email if your article has been accepted. Please note that the Research Committee will only review submissions received from currently active PAMA members in good standing with the organization.

    Click to read more

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