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This bibliography focuses on the health problems of instrumental and vocal musicians, dancers and actors. It consists of citations from the medical, musical, and popular literature, with emphasis on clinical problems and relevant basic science in performing arts medicine. There are some references on alternative therapies, such as Alexander, Feldenkrais, etc. The list is mostly confined to the English language, although numerous articles in French and German are included as well. The compilers attempt to provide citations that are as complete and correct as possible. The bibliography is periodically updated, but the compilers make no claim of total comprehensiveness, nor of accuracy of citations.

PAMA does not have the capability to make copies of articles in the bibliography; those interested should attempt to find the desired references through a college, university or public library, or an interlibrary loan.

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Bibliography Item Submission

Bibliography Item Submission

If you know of an item not currently in our bibliography that you think would be useful to others, we'd like to know about it!  Please complete our Bibliography Item Submission form with as much information as you know about the item and we'll consider it for inclusion.  Thank you!

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